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Blaine Anthony has left an indelible mark on the outdoor industry with his hit show “The Bear Whisperer.” As he continues his exhilarating explorations of the wilderness, Blaine is thrilled to share more of his outdoor adventures with his devoted fans. Let’s delve into where Blaine has been, the milestones he has achieved, and the promising future that lies ahead for him and his company, Nature Productions.

Blaine Anthony stands out as one of the most revered figures in the realm of outdoor TV. His authenticity resonates with viewers, who often laud him as the last bastion of true storytelling in the outdoor TV landscape. Blaine takes immense pride in staying true to himself and refusing to succumb to the pressures of conforming to industry expectations.

Blaine’s remarkable journey began with an unwavering passion for the great outdoors. Since 2002, he has been producing and hosting captivating TV shows. It was in 2009 that he struck gold with “The Bear Whisperer,” a groundbreaking program that allowed him to raise awareness and champion the conservation efforts dedicated to protecting black bears. Today, Blaine remains a beloved figure on national and local TV, proudly donning his well-deserved “Bear Whisperer” badge.

Throughout his illustrious career, Blaine has embarked on numerous hunting expeditions, with most of them eschewing bait. His adventures have taken him to extraordinary locations, including Alaska, where he ventured 125 miles out to sea for spot and stalk hunts. In his pursuit of understanding the bear population, he even explored bear dens to assess their health. Blaine’s show has captivated audiences with a range of specials, from gripping episodes titled “When Bears Attack” to illuminating segments on “The Different Sounds and Vocalizations of the Black Bear.” One cannot forget the infamous “Junkyard Bears” episode, which left viewers on the edge of their seats.

Blaine’s rise to prominence began on The Sportsman Channel, where he enjoyed a decade-long tenure and earned multiple accolades, including The Sportsman Choice Award. Seeking to expand his shows and the operations of Nature Productions, Blaine made the strategic move to the Pursuit Channel, where he has been based ever since.

Looking ahead, Blaine’s deep appreciation for outdoor-related companies has propelled him into becoming an expert in marketing and cultivating these businesses. Embracing this new path, he has discovered an unwavering passion that he intends to pursue wholeheartedly. Blaine envisions his future in the outdoor TV business as a catalyst for helping other enterprises leverage national TV, local TV, and non-linear platforms such as YouTube, Outdoor Adventure Networks, and Pursuit Up. His mission is to empower these companies to flourish into multi-million-dollar enterprises, leaving an indelible mark on the outdoor industry.

To stay up-to-date on Blaine Anthony’s thrilling adventures and upcoming endeavors, fans are encouraged to closely follow his journey. For further information, Nature Productions can be reached through their dedicated contact, Twyla Wheeler, via email at Detailed insights into Blaine’s work can also be found on his official website,

As Blaine Anthony continues to blaze trails in the outdoor TV industry and explore new horizons, fans can eagerly anticipate experiencing more of his thrilling adventures while witnessing the growth of businesses in the wilderness under his expert guidance.


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Blaine Anthony


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