Blaine Anthony



Blaine Anthony

The Bear Whisperer

Blaine Anthony has been working on Bear Conservation for 14 years

Blaine Anthony is arguably one of the most popular faces in the outdoor TV business. He is lauded for his authentic content, his viewers often referring to him as the last guy on outdoor TV keeping it real. He takes pride in remaining his true self and not caving to industry pressure to try and redefine himself as anything other than himself.



Blaine has been entertaining people on national TV and online from TV shows to podcasts.  

His extensive career began with a passion for the great outdoors. Since 2002, he has been producing and hosting TV shows. After years of working in the industry, he caught his big break in 2009 with the TV show “The Bear Whisperer,” a show that allows him to vocalize and champion the conservation efforts of black bears. Blaine is still popular on national and local TV, proudly wearing his ‘Bear Whisperer’ badge.

Blaine Anthony
Blaine Anthony

Outdoorsmen and Conservationist

Blaine Anthony has spent most of his adult years as an outdoorsman and conservationist.  Hunting, Fishing, and all things outdoors. Over the course of his career, Blaine has been on several hunts, and most were not over bait. He has been to Alaska on spot and stalk hunts that took him 125 miles out to sea, where he visited bear dens to check on the health of the bear herd. His show has featured many specials, ranging from “When bears attack” to “The different sounds and vocalizations of the black bear” and the infamous “Junkyard bears.”
Growing up in the outdoor TV business, Blaine first aired on The Sportsman Channel, where he had a 10-year run and won multiple awards, including The Sportsman Choice Award. He later decided to scale his shows and the operations of his company Nature Productions, so he moved to the Pursuit Channel, where he has been since.

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Blaine Anthony


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